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Who Am I?

I'm the Associate Pastor of Fresh Bread Christian Ministries in Jonesboro, GA and the author of over a dozen books.. I have been writing, speaking and ministering for over 15 years now which has allowed me to refine my style and deliver a powerful message of faith, focus and determination. I'm a licensed and ordained Christian minister that holds degrees in Biblical Studies, Theology and Psychology. I'm also currently seeking a Master's in Leadership Studies. 

In addition to ministry, I'm a proven entrepreneur that has generated millions in revenue over my extensive career in businesses ranging from Social Media Management and other services to various product sales such as Fitness Accessories, Apparel and of course Books, Audiobooks and Motivational CD's. I am also the President and Chairman of the Board for @TheYouthCanFoundation.

Through Consulting, Speaking and Writing, I have been able to impact people all around the world and now I look forward to connecting with you and being of service however I can!

 Be sure to connect via Social Media @AuthorRonWalker or visit my Amazon Author Page to view my books. 

Latest Books

You're Too Close to Give Up Now

You're too close to give up now, by Ron Walker available on Amazon

Everyone goes through hard times, but  quitting won’t get you any closer to your goal. Now isn’t the time to  let go. Now is the time to hold on tighter and believe in yourself even  more. “You’re Too Close to Give Up Now,” is a collection of quotes,  stories and real-life testimony geared towards getting you where you  need to be. Be stronger. Believe more. Do better. You’re too close to  give up now!

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The Promise is Yours

The Promise is Yours, by Ron Walker available on Amazon

Many times in life we get discouraged because people just don’t seem to  understand what we’re trying to do or where we’re trying to go, but the  thing to understand is that it’s not their promise. The promise is ours. 

 We can’t expect everyone to see our vision because it wasn’t given to  them. It wasn’t earned by them. It wasn’t cried for by them. They  weren’t beaten for it. They weren’t bruised for it. They’re not built  for what God has promised you. The promise is yours.  

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I Almost Gave Up

I Almost Gave Up by Ron Walker. Available on Amazon

I Almost Gave Up lightly details 7  steps author Ron Walker used to overcome the depression he experienced  after enduring a divorce, failed business and the loss of his  grandmother. This book succinctly communicates how he had to REFOCUS in  order to overcome depression and inadequacy. 

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