Inspirational Quotes from "You're Too Close to Give Up Now"

You're Too Close to Give Up Now

Chapter 1: Two Mice

Don’t give up too soon or you’ll miss the greatness that your failures are developing

Chapter 3: The Perfect Pot

Focus on enjoying the steps and you won’t stress out when you realize the elevator to the top doesn’t work.

Chapter 4: 2nd Place, Who?

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“The guy that finished second.”

“The guy that finished second who?”


Chapter 5: Faith

We don’t need faith to do normal stuff. We need faith to do those things that are beyond us.

Chapter 8: Hole in One

We must learn to embrace the hard times because they carve the path for better days.

Chapter 9: The Scorpion and the Frog

So why do we continue to deal with people that habitually prove their true nature is in direct opposition of ours?

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